West Creek Developments

WestCreek Lives Here

Armour Developments is proud to build in Legacy and become part of a WestCreek Development.

We love that WestCreek is a family-owned business from Calgary and has a strong commitment to our city and the people who live in its communities. It is important to know that WestCreek takes their responsibility as stewards of the land and environment seriously, with a deep connection to the land the importance of its natural landscape.

WestCreek has masterfully preserved much of Legacy's natural environment and integrated it perfectly with vibrant infrastructure that has not only made Legacy the incredible, award-winning community that it is today, but has most importantly remained focused on enriching the lives of its people and providing sustainable value for years to come.

We look forward to being a part of the future of Legacy and seeing WestCreek continue to succeed in building communities for generations to enjoy while making the City of Calgary the "hub" and best place to live in Western Canada.

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Creating Strong, Lasting Communities

"We use our experience and attention to detail to create communities that withstand the test of time. We fully understand and know the dirt we build on, and begin each community with a focus on sustainable development, respecting the land and preserving its natural ecology, we focus on building community focused developments. When we finish, we leave behind family-friendly spaces for all Albertans, new and old."

— WestCreek Developments

Acres of Community
Trees Planted
Years in Calgary
Your Community. Your Shelter.
We're in the shelter business. At WestCreek Developments, we have a responsibility to do it right and enable people to live their best lives possible, in the communities we create.
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